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We noticed the wish for more ‘on demand’ capacity to connect and communicate with the world. 

The standard studios are not easy to book last minute and most of them are not standard COVID-19 proof. Most of the time the standard studios are equipped with more technique than necessary for the simple format of messaging a lot of people are now looking for.

We have been producing events, television programmes and online livestreams for many years now. Always from a content first perspective. So it was a logical move to switch from an office to a studio (with a smaller office).

We use 3 sets which can easily be branded to your look and feel. Via a video connection you can make your speakers/presenters throughout the world or around the corner, a part of the programme.

Besides talkshows and interviews you can also use Studio KC for other purposes such as trainings programmes, presentations, messages from the Board, a full programme with inspiring presenters and artists, or even an award show. It can be used for internal communications or to connect with clients and keep them up-to-date.

Most importantly - besides the feel - are the people. They all have years of experience in making strong and relevant content, think of creative ideas, direct and produce tv programmes.

The studio is corona virus-proof and we work with strict protocols to keep it that way.


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