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Kingcanary team including freelancers

ABout us

content first.

We have been producing television programs, online livestreams and events in
all different sizes, for many years now. Clients appreciate our content-first mentality and robust
in-house editorial team to design every element of the event to perfection. Content is our main
focus and starting point for each concept. A Kingcanary production stands out by the extreme
attention to detail in both content as well as execution.

EVENTS - We produce complete events or deliver support on parts of it. From creating the
concept to production and event management. All core elements, such as set design, technical
production, presentation design and video production are available in-house, which enables us
to produce efficiently and be flexible at the same time.

VIRTUAL - We produce anything from webinars and online programs to multiple-day-virtual-
events. When you organize a live event, you turn to a professional to work on the concept and
production. So, if you want to create an event-like experience, just hiring a studio or subscribing
to an online platform will not be sufficient. We work with you on the content and the guest
experience of the program and at the same time our technical team is working on the execution.
The challenge of going ‘virtual’ is not just technical, it is getting the content across. 

EXPERIENCE - We have the experience within events, television and online.
We ask the right questions, translate your message to a tailor-made concept that matches your
identity and produce it for you. We make sure the production is worry-free in every aspect.

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