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Over the years we developed a keen sense of crowds. Whether a group of ten or a packed stadium, together or separated, in one day or over a period of time, we know how to get to them and take them on a journey. Clients appreciate our content-first mentality and robust in-house editorial team to design every element of the event to perfection. Content is our main focus and starting point for each event concept. A Kingcanary event stands out by the extreme attention to detail in both content as well as execution.

Clients / Events

We are proud of our kaleidoscope of clients and events. Clients can be national, multinationals, commercial, non-profit or government institutions and for them, we develop a wide variety of events such as leadership meetings, pr-events, sales & marketing meetings, social awareness events, award shows, concerts, sponsor events, televised events and much more– throughout the world. From Moscow to Miami, from Dubai to San Francisco, we have a global partner network to deliver consistent quality.


We produce complete events or deliver support on parts of it. From creation to building of technique and decoration. All core elements, such as set design, technical drawings, presentation and videos are developed in house which enables us to be produce efficiently and be flexible at the same time. The client always has the freedom of movement, can make changes on the fly and has a firm grip on the orchestration of the message without the hassle.

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